Uniform Donations – Our Sponsors

New UniformsAfter more than 20 years of use, we were finally able to retire our very used uniforms and purchase new ones. (Swanky picture to come soon!) We’d like to thank the following sponsors for their generous and lasting contributions:




VFW Post 10281


North Hardin Christian Church


The Cecilian Bank


Gloria Lopez


Shirley Gallagher
Ann Kirwan


Connie & Wilford Rendleman
A.Charlene Sullivan
Eva Lewis
Denise and Mark Dooley
Paul & LaVerne Brown
Jack Baxter
Jenny & William Bottoms
Michael Morgan
Barnes & Nobles, Inc
Ronald Shelton
Robert Wright
Joe and Maria Batistoni


Dave Voglund


New Life Baptist Church


Jim & Diane Nigh
Bob & Vickie Hunn


Cynthia Galusha
Beverly & William Kuethe


Asenion DeLeon


Larry Ray Herkamp
Hagan Reams
House of Soccer
William Diggs
Carolyn Rogers
Charles & Peggy Miller
Bob & Mary Silva
John F. Freetly USAF (Ret)
Vance and Martha Farrow
Jacque Collins
William Amburn
Ophelia Bitanga-Isreal
Sonya Jones


Katherine Layton
Belinda Crabtree
Helen Glasscock
Phyllis Johnson
William Mack
Carolyn Pearman-Brown
William & Chong Bertolucci
Lindsay Bale
Kristen White
Irene and Dennis Hughes
Juanita Mitchell
Josephine Chuenen
Melinda & Tim Smith
Margaret Jackson-Jenkins
Shirley Boswell
Virginia Leitner
Kim Serpas
Samantha Boswell
Dorothea Penner
Sheila Heighter
John Minter
Carolyn Daye
Linda Wardle
Kip Price
Leola Stewart
Melissa Bitanga
Randall & Lori Davis
Shirley Rhand
Majorie Lehman


Joy E. Boulware
John E. Smith
Margo Thompson
Mary Henning
John E. Smith
Kim Babij
Jackie Mather
Mardine Galusha
Cacele Edwards
Michael Forbes
Tricia Gray
Joyce Donley
John & Margaret Freeman
Paula Clark
Daniel Velazquez
Joan Jarrell
Leo and Betty Reams
Andy and Faye Dawson

It is never too late to make a donation to the NH Band!

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