Yard Sale

Yard Sale Donations Needed

Attention band families! The band will be having a yard sale on August 16th during the Ford Test Drive in the front of the school. You donations are needed to help make the yard sale a success.

We are looking for usable household items, tools, toys, clothes… you name it! The more items we have the more funds we raise.

Donations can be given to Michele Buzzard (707-972-3658) or Dave Huddle (270-312-0735). Please feel free to call or text them.

More Announcements!


Information regarding the hours for PGA volunteer fundraising and a chaperone meeting on 8/29 at 8 pm in the cafeteria.

Don’t forget that all candy bar money should be turned in by now. If you need help selling the rest of your candy bars, please contact Teresa Price.

Also includes information for the Kroger gift card fundraising and aluminum can recycling. Please take a moment to read through them all!

Dates to Remember July & August 2014


We have a long list of events coming up through the end of August including Parent’s Night, the annual Pool Party, Car Wash fundraiser, DCI Finals trip, Ford Test Drive fundraiser, Yard Sale Fundraiser, first football game and so much more!!

For questions about any of these, please feel free to contact us.

Announcements July 2014


We have many announcements for the band including news concerning absences, travel, physicals, Pit Crew, Guard, Feeding the Band, Chaperones, uniforms and band camp.

Please take a moment to read through all of them. If you have questions about anything, please contact us or see any board member.

PGA Championship Volunteers Needed

PGA Championship Valhalla

FROM THE DESK OF SUSAN FROEDGE: We have a fundraising opportunity coming up – parking at the PGA Championship through Brantley Security. The opportunity can help us raise anywhere from $1500-$10,000 depending on the number of days we choose to work. The opportunity runs from August 4-10. Please message me if you are interested in helping out a day or two!

Surviving Band Camp 2014

Band Camp

Band camp is now officially in full swing! The band members are going to be hungry, tired and perhaps a bit cranky by the end of the day. In order to help make it through band camp, we have a few helpful tips to get to the end on a high note.


  1. Come prepared. Instrument, music, chalk, name tag & anything else instructed to bring. Do this every day.


  1. Eat breakfast, even if it consists of toast only. Working in the heat, burning up energy on an empty stomach will make you sick. Avoid drinking milk and eating heavy foods such as pancakes.

Feed the Directors!

You Can Help

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We need volunteers to provide lunch for our directors and instructors during band camp each day.

Each volunteer would be responsible for providing one lunch meal (i.e. spaghetti, subs, pulled pork, etc.). The meal should be brought to the Brass/Rehearsal room off of the band room around 11 am in the morning.

For more information and/or to sign up, please text Ronda Nelson at 270-307-5325.

Feed the Band Volunteers Wanted!

Feed the Band Volunteers Needed

Can you believe it? Band camp is right around the corner! WOW! We’re going to need your help with feeding this big crew of awesome musicians.

If you are available to help Feed the Band during band camp or on weekends during school, please send an email to Ronda Nelson at: ambrose652001@yahoo.com and/or text her at 270-307-5325.

Our list of signups from parent’s night has been misplaced, so even if you signed up then, please give us another shout out.

We Want Your Cans!

Recycle Your Cans! Help the band!

From the Desk of Randy Mitchell: If the families in the band boosters will start saving their aluminum cans, I will be happy to do all the hauling to the recycler for you…..a full pickup load with attached trailer is worth over $100 ….. and there are over 200 families in band this year. That would be a lot of aluminum!

Please don’t save your pie plates, aluminum foil, etc…..they don’t take it. Just the beverage cans, gutters, garage doors that have been replaced, etc…….thousands of dollars is out there waiting on you to see it and bring it to us!